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Skinomi TechSkin - Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) Review

Skinomi TechSkin - Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Palm Pre Plus (Verizon)
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Once it's done, this cover is SLEEK on the face. Hated the first cover I tried because it had a noticable edge in the corners where you swipe for the menus and the edge was SOOO visible. This cover wraps around the face so you don't even see it.
The one legitimate complaint about this product is the installation (particularly how long it takes) and I'll detail the process/experience below. That said, I found that the process actually made it easier (since I lack dexterity) and the results were WELL worth it.
Other things to note:
- There are some gaps in coverage... a ring around the whole device (between front and back skins) that mostly matches the existing styling as it includes the volume rocker and button to release the back cover... also some zones in the corners where the wrap isn't flush against itself
- The skin is shiny so the speaker area on the tochstone back shows up as noticeably matte
- I find that the touchstone charger wears a dull ring into the back
- It will be tacky for 24h to 48h -- give it time to fully dry as this goes away
These are minor in my book. Five Stars because I was ecstatic with clean look when it was all over... definitely wait 24h to 48h before commenting because it keeps getting better.
Would also like to share some details on the install process:
I'm not gifted with fine manual dexterity so installing faces like this are naturally a challenge. Lining up a camera hole, speaker, ear phone and microphone (even on two pieces) is a terrible experience for me. It always takes me several attempts to even get a cover close to aligned and even then the results are less than stellar.
This product takes a different approach and, for me, the time and apparent "trouble" was well worth it. Rather than stick the cover directly onto the device, the Skinomi system comes with a lubricating spray. You apply the spray to the cover (both sides) and your finger tips. You then position the skin and, as the lubricant dries up, slowly work excess fluid and air out from under the skin. The process can take 30 minutes to an hour to complete PER SIDE... and then you must leave the cover to dry for 12-24h (basically over night while you sleep). However, I figure that I'm going to keep the phone long enough that this minor inconvenience was FULLY justified.
OK... install sounds bad... so why did I really like this approach?
1. The lubricating spray made alignment FAR easier. Because the front of the Pre Plus is smooth, the lubricating spray literally lets you slide the cover around until you get it exactly where you want it. If anything, I found it too easy to move... but that's no problem as you can push some lubricant out from under the cover or give it a few minutes to dry. The touchstone back is rougher so the cover doesn't slide as easily, but you have plenty of time for several applications before you have any worries about a permanent fit. You can also respray your finger tips to avoid sticking or printing.
2. The lubricant essentially eliminated air bubbles. This was the coolest part of the whole install. The fluid makes it easy to push out the air. 12h after install, there were two clear, sizable fluid bubbles under the cover and one was close to the screen. 24h to 48h after install, both literally disappeared. The fluid must pass through the skin, leaving a perfect fit.
3. The slow progress around the device, while time consuming, forces you to make slow but correct progress. I basically got to the point where I was slowly rotating the Pre, pushing the edges down around the face. At first, they don't stick at all, but you slowly gain ground (as the lubricant dries) until the sides stick, then you work your way around the corner. Since you can easily pass one spot a dozen times, each drier than the last, you can slowly work each piece of the cover exactly where you want it. If you happen to really mess up an area, it is possible to spray it (and your fingers) again so you can backtrack a bit.
4. The combination of cover and spray seems to shrinkwrap around the device. Some of the edges looked hopeless... like there was just too much plastic and I was doomed to have an exposed corner peeled up. As time went on, these problem edges just disappeared. I only have one clearly visible "bubble" on the edge of my back faceplate where I didn't get a corner shrunk down or stuck on right. Also there are a few edges with tiny dots of white where it isn't perfectly attached. The thing is, they're waaay around on the side seam or corners so I don't notice them while using the product.
This is NOT advice... you imitate me at your own risk... but here's what I did (or would do next time):
1. Keep a lint-free cloth on hand. As you push fluid to edges, it can bead up at the ear or microphone hole. I immeditely soaked these dots up to avoid damaging the Pre. I consider this the key risk of this install technique since it uses fluid.
2. Don't stress about the corners (on both sides) or bottom edge of the front face. The lubricant has to be almost dry before the last edges will finally stick. Until then, they will want to pop up, showing white "air bubble" effect. Definitely work them on every pass, but know that they won't necessarily stick to the very end. For me, the corner of the speaker was also particularly difficult to keep in place. Keep working on it and be patient - focus first on the edge near the speaker and then work around the corner as the speaker region dries.
3. Start on the back. Lets you practice before you deal with the side you need to look at.
4. Use (lubricated) fingers for the last edges. It says use the card... and others have warned to NOT use other objects (coins or nails). I found that my finger tips (NOT NAILS) were the only way to get the corners where I needed them and sealed down properly. The guide says to use the included plastic piece so IMITATE ME AT YOUR OWN RISK. However, I was happy with the results.

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